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HP HSTNN-OB92 Laptop Battery|ProBook 4311s Laptop batteries

HP HSTNN-OB92 Laptop Battery|ProBook 4311s Laptop batteries

HP ProBook 4311s Laptop Battery
  • Product ID:1002000
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:14.40V
  • Battery Capacity:73WH
  • Battery Color:Black
HP HSTNN-OB92 Laptop Battery

This batteries compatible the following part number: HP HSTNN-OB91 laptop battery , 530974-321 laptop battery , HSTNN-I69C laptop battery , HSTNN-OB92 , 530974-361 , ProBook 4311s

This HP replacement battery pack is a 5060mAh, 14.40, rechargeable, removable, Li-ion battery designed to work with HP ProBook 4311s. The Hi-Quality battery meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications for the HP ProBook 4311s Laptop Battery (HSTNN-OB91) in quality, durability, and performance. Li-ion batteries do not suffer from the memory effect. They generally last between 300-500 charge/discharge cycles. All laptop batteries are tested for 100% quality control assurance. This battery for HP ProBook 4311s includes a one year warranty. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and fast shipping on all of our products.

The preceding period, Hewlett-Packard introduced 14-inch business model ProBook 4411s has been the favorite customers, regardless of performance or the appearance of the users have been recognized. Recently, with the trend of 13-inch notebook to Hewlett-Packard has launched a new ProBook S Series - 4311s, the 4411s can be described as a "scaled-down version." It has with the 4411s the same mold, 13-inch fuselage makes the machine even more compact and sophisticated (acer laptop battery). Configuration (HP HSTNN-OB91 computer batteries), 4311s Intel Core 2 Duo T6570 processor, with 4411s with the same ATi Mobility Radeon HD4330 graphics card, to meet the entertainment needs of users.

Aesthetics, 4311s machine mainly black colors, combined with piano paint the roof designed to allow machine seemed calm but yet stylish atmosphere. Fly in the ointment is that the piano has always paint roof, "Achilles heel", exposed to fingerprints and dirty, requiring users to frequently wipe. 4311s series of the same business location, the whole body out of line, outline, highlighting business temperament. At the same time, 4311s adopted the popular 13-inch body (asus notebook batteries), the whole is full of fashionable elements, to give young people the same love at first sight.

HP ProBook 4311s can be said not just in appearance somewhat transformation process, and even the shaft part of the screen also uses the current mainstream sink design. Shaft of the damping force is moderate, with one hand you can easily open the screen, but despite this shaft can be used, but HP ProBook 4311s (HP Mini Series laptop battery), when you open the screen, the biggest point of view we can only reach 130 degrees. However, in our testing process of using, or get a good view of the screen.

HP ProBook 4311s is a 13-inch business notebook, physique than the average business in this small, in the actual test weight, its weight machine with a battery 2.047Kg, with battery and power adapter Machine weight 2.552 Kg. Although the business is a kind of notebook gives the feeling of calm, but the HP ProBook 4311s shift the weight of the control machine is very good (ASUS AL31-1005 laptop batteries), indeed the 13-inch lightweight business notebook.

As a business model of the 4311s, in detail the design were also encouraging. Baking process of the middle cap, silver black and white outlines of the Hewlett-Packard Logo, the following words also show ProBook machine business properties. 4311s designed a fingerprint reader, which for the business user's data security is guaranteed. In the frame above the built-in a 2 million-pixel camera, next to the also designed the camera lights (ASUS Eee PC 1101HA laptop batteries), camera is used to prompt the user for the work of the state to prevent the hacker's control, this high demand for confidentiality more practical business users. Around both ends of the built-in microphone, users can at any time to facilitate business meetings and video chat. Border below the middle and right side are the "HP" the Logo, and the specific model laptop. The overall design of the border line can give a tough feeling.

At both ends of shaft is below the operation of the regional HP ProBook 4311s. First of all see is a key control area network, in fact, there is also a sound machine area, but is hidden under the net on both sides. ProBook 4311s Although there is no consistent use of HP's Altec Lansing speakers, but the test used (Replacement battery for ACER UM09A31, 11.10 voltage, 6600 mAh, 9 cells, Li-ion Laptop Batteries), its speaker volume is still very large, the sound is not bad.

Look at the bottom of the fuselage, in the corner part of the design of the semi-circular pad feet, a strong sense of friction, so that you can effectively prevent the laptop sliding. The design of foot pad thickness of 5-7 mm, bottom and flat, there may be a gap between the very beneficial to machine cooling. 4311s of interface design can be described as quite satisfactory, but the number and types of interfaces, or to meet the needs of general business users. The fuselage on the left followed by the power jack (Cheap UM09B31 11.1V,6 cell 9 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for ACER UM09B31), DVD drive and two USB interfaces, from the following chart we can see, USB interface, the spacing is somewhat smaller, it is difficult at the same time insert two U disk.

The right side of the fuselage relatively rich interface design a security lock, network interface, VGA port, HDMI high-definition interface and a USB interface, they are moderate pitch and user-friendly plug operation. The front fuselage interface design is very simple, only placed in the right side of the card reader interface, headphone and MIC interface. As the machine's rotor shaft using submersible design, the fuselage back without any interface, and the cells took up most of the space.

In the operation regions, or the keyboard design of the most ingenuity. Article straight with machine design, HP ProBook 4311s also used chocolate floating keyboard. Box full of buttons highlights the sense of exquisite design, but also to machine adds a lot of fashion sense. Spill-resistant keyboard design features of the machine to ensure internal security (DELL Vostro 1220 laptop batteries), was carefully designed in this than in the past, HP ProBook 4311s at both ends of the keyboard, and not set a border, so if the scattered into the water or coffee on the keyboard, simply erased like, and if the component are more, but also can be poured directly down at both ends, did not affect the notebook work properly.
Through the frosted surface of each key handling, this is the grinding of the buttons will be more durable, larger finger accessible, but also have better resilience, due to bond length is large enough, in the fast-entry does not occur when combos and knock on the wrong circumstances. In our testing the use of the process , found that HP ProBook 4311s keyboard feels very good. In addition, as the surface is slightly higher than those keys, but also easy to dust absorption features, thus easier to clean, maintain them is also extremely convenient. (Cheap HSTNN-OB0F 10.8V,14.8V,3 cell 4 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for HP HSTNN-OB0F)

HP ProBook 4311s pallet parts simple and generous, but there are two on the right part of the core of the hardware icons, as well as a biometric fingerprint reader. Middle of the touchpad has done a concave surface of the relatively tray design, and the touch area is also quite satisfactory, and right mouse buttons designed more lenient. In our test use, found that the sensitivity of the touchpad and buttons are very high, feel very comfortable.

In the middle of a huge boot button on the left followed by QuickLock, wireless networks, mute and adjust the volume of the shortcut keys. Is also the system indicator light, they run the state of the button will be issued to blue light, in the disabled state issued orange light. To the operation of the whole region has brought black sporadic brilliance, but also to calm the business of this technology has brought the full feeling.

It is worth mentioning here is the QuickLock, a style very much in line with business machine software. HP ProBook 4311s can not enter the Windows system, implemented under the HP QUICKLOOK 2, the software lets you quickly search, to confirm calendar, contacts, e-mail, spreadsheets and so on. One e-mail you can only look, can not not enter the Windows operating system under the premise of Shouxin, but you can preview HTML messages. Using QUICKLOOK 2 software, quick start, you can in just 10 seconds to search or read the calendar or e-mail.

Because many business meetings, business people on the notebook's scalability requirements very high. Business Notebook, therefore the interface must have a perfect number and type required to meet the daily office. HP ProBook 4311s as a business notebook, from the perspective of interface design point of view, or the law-abiding, able to meet the needs of most business people. We first look at the left side of the interface machine layout, followed by power supply interface, DVD LightScribe drive, 2 � USB2.0 interface. Simple and generous design style seems hearty, USB2.0 interface design is also close to the user, more convenient to use (FUJITSU LifeBook M2010 laptop batteries). Machine followed by the right side of the layout of the security keyhole, RJ-45 Ethernet interfaces, cooling holes, VGA video output port, HDMI high-definition video output port, USB2.0 interface. Can see that the distance between each interface are relatively moderate, at the same time does not arise when using spatial interaction. However, the design of cooling holes on the right a little bit inconvenient, when a user using the mouse operation will be subject to high temperatures caused by the comfort of down, and video output cable will also affect cooling. (Replacement battery for FUJITSU FPCBP216, 10.80 voltage, 2200 mAh, 3 cells, Li-ion Laptop Batteries)

Finally, the machine close up again after the next observation before and after the ends of the interface layout. Because HP ProBook 4311s-style shaft sinking using the design, so the back-end body, and does not design any interface. In the left side of the front fuselage is designed to run a hard drive light, so that even when folded in a notebook allows users to understand the current state. The right side and a multi-card reader and a set of audio input and output interfaces, which is located in front-end design, allows users to use digital products will be more convenient.

In addition to the interface better than the type and layout, where the bottom of the machine also had to mention. HP ProBook 4311s is no longer the bottom of the integrated design, the bottom of the hard drive, wireless modules, memory, battery sub-region has a special detail, there are still areas in the corresponding Figure legends. This is more convenient for users to upgrade in the DIY needs.

A direct impact on the temperature of notebook users comfort, at room temperature 28 degrees circumstances, 4311s keyboard surface temperature is lower, the maximum is only 34 °, near the touch pad maintained at 30 ° or so, for the user experience is still very comfortable. The temperature is mainly the right side of the back of hotter, reaching 41 °, the proposed high temperature environment, the use of cooling plates, so as to avoid damage to laptops. ( Li-ion/Lithium-ion battery, ACER UM09E36, 11.1V, 5600mAh, 63Wh replacement computer batteries, Model P/N UM09E36)

4311s before the 4411s used slightly lower than the processor - Intel Core 2 Duo T6570 (clocked at 2.1GHz), Intel PM45 + ICH9M with chipset, to provide users with a strong performance. Graphics context, using low-end ATi graphics card - ATi Mobility Radeon HD4330 graphics card with 512MB DDR2 memory, deal with the current mainstream online games is not a problem, so that business people can in their spare time playing the game, relax .

4311s video card with ATi Mobility Radeon HD4330 graphics card, although belonging to the low-end ATi graphics card, but its performance is satisfactory, for the daily graphics and large-scale online games are no problem.

4311s with gorgeous appearance gives users a new visual experience, cover beautiful piano paint process for the machine by adding a stylish ambience, 13-inch body followed the trend of the current notebook. Configuration, 4311s although the 4411s such as the "Starter Edition", but equally strong performance of the user's recognition, (Replacement battery for HP HSTNN-LB0C, 10.80 voltage, 5000 mAh, 6 cells, Li-ion Laptop Batteries,3 cells HSTNN-CB0D notebook batteries)

Summary: HP ProBook 4311s to subvert the traditional business notebook style, in the continuation of steady business when adding a novel fashion element, business people able to bring more elegance, and this temperament is also known as HP's "Business of the Chinese the type lattice. " 13-inch screen, so that more compact and portable business notebooks, adding a biometric fingerprint recognition to allow users to office more secure, reliable, cost-effective prices are also this one of the highlights of the HP ProBook 4311s. The interface makes better use of laptops had also has a strong expansion capabilities, user-friendly operation is designed not only to give the user a completely new experience, but also to improve office efficiency, the hardware configuration in the 13-inch business notebook and much more eye-catching, fully able to meet the day to day office and entertainment requirements. It can be said, HP ProBook 4311s is a very appropriate fashion business notebook products to use, not a high price also makes this notebook can be more accepted by consumers.

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