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HP HSTNN-IBON Laptop Battery,COMPAQ VP502AA battery

HP HSTNN-IBON Laptop Battery, COMPAQ Mini 311c-1010EH batteries

COMPAQ VP502AA Laptop Battery
  • Product ID:1002014
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:10.80V
  • Battery Capacity:55 Wh \ 5000 mAh
  • Battery Color:Black
  • Old Price:50.71
  • Now Price:44.33
COMPAQ Mini 311c-1010EH Laptop Battery

COMPAQ VP502AA laptop batteries can replace the following part number:



HP Mini 311 Series
COMPAQ Mini 311C Series

This COMPAQ replacement battery pack is a 5000mAh, 10.80, rechargeable, removable, Li-ion battery designed to work with COMPAQ VP502AA. The Hi-Quality battery meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications for the COMPAQ VP502AA Laptop Battery in quality, durability, and performance. Li-ion batteries do not suffer from the memory effect. They generally last between 300-500 charge/discharge cycles. All laptop batteries are tested for 100% quality control assurance. This battery for COMPAQ VP502AA includes a one year warranty. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and fast shipping on all of our products.

so we're excited to see HP is new Mini 311 packing in an 11.6-inch, 1,366x768 screen, as well as Nvidia's Ion graphics chip. You're still stuck with the same Intel Atom N270 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and Windows XP, an optional white lid design, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
The real payoff is in the Nvidia Ion, which, while not a true discrete GPU, offers enough power to play HD video files smoothly (a sticking point for Netbooks), as well as do some basic gaming. For nongraphics tasks, it won't affect performance much (and GPU support for Flash video, such as Hulu, is still a work in progress), but it does solve some of the frustrations associated with Netbooks, without driving up the price. ( Cheap UM09B31 11.1V,6 cell 9 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for ACER UM09A75 )

As much as the Mini 311 may be our new go-to Netbook, we'd be hard-pressed to suggest buying one of these right now, when Windows 7 comes out at the end of October. With Netbooks exempt from Microsoft's free upgrade offer, it makes more sense to wait a few weeks and get the new OS out of the box (which should also make it possible to get past the artificial 1GB of RAM limit on XP-powered Netbooks).

However, Ion can't help the speed of the system itself, which remains rather slow. A single core Atom processor isn't quite cut out for the job, and we're looking forward to the time when netbook performance gets a little fillip from the chaps at Intel. It did, however, cope fairly well with a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate installed (though we'd expect the Mini 311 is far more likely to ship with Home Premium).

With a high-resolution screen, you'd be right to expect a little cost-cutting somewhere else. The Mini 311 is far from the flashiest-looking laptop out there, even among low-cost Netbooks. Most of the chassis is a dull, generic, gray plastic, with either a black or a white lid with a subtle swirl pattern. The white version, which we had, and the very faint gray swirls on it actually made it look a bit dingy from a distance. On the plus side, the system itself feels sturdy enough, and there was no flex in the lid when we pulled it open and shut. 9heap PA3734U-1BRS 10.8V,6 cell 9 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for TOSHIBA PA3733U-1BRS )

The keys on the keyboard have the same slightly scalloped shape and wide faces that we've seen on HP's other Netbooks, such as the Mini 110. It's a design we approve of, but in this particular case, the keys themselves felt a little loose and wiggly when typing. Likewise, the touch pad did not impress. Made of the same material as the rest of the wrist rest, it offered too much resistance to our fingers. There's a legitimate reason most laptop touch pads have a distinct, slick surface. We also had to go into the control panel to crank up the pointer speed--perhaps the default settings were created with an older 1,024x600 Netbook in mind. Two sliverlike mouse buttons under the touch pad also felt cheap and insubstantial. (FUJITSU Lifebook M1010 laptop batteries)
The keyboard isn't firm enough for our liking - it might look the part, but there's better out there. The keys are, however, a good size and you will get used to them quickly. They're certainly better than the small keys given to the new Ion-touting N510 by Samsung. The mouse keys and trackpad are better though and decently sized for a netbook.

Measuring 11.4 x 8.0 x 1.2 inches, the Mini 311 is roughly the same size as the Acer Aspire 751h and the MSI Wind U210. We were glad to see that HP is battery is well-integrated with the chassis, and does not jut out the back. With a weight of 3.2 pounds, the 311 isn�t much heavier than other 12-inch netbooks, which weigh around 3 pounds.

The hp mini 311 is square silver keys practically abut each other, and are slightly indented to provide a resting place for your fingers. Typing on the keys was comfortable, and we were up to our normal speed almost immediately. Despite the keys� smooth surface, our fingers did not slip.

Below, the silver touchpad is amply sized for an 11-inch netbook. At 3.3*1.5 inches, it is almost the same size as that on the Toshiba mini NB205. Unlike the NB205, however, the 311 is touchpad has too much friction, an issue we are had with other HP notebooks. The two mouse buttons are also decently sized, but we found them to be slightly stiff to press towards the outer edges.  (Cheap A1185 10.8V,9 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for APPLE A1175)

The 11.6-inch display on the 311 has a resolution of 1366 x 768, which makes it easier to view Web pages and documents without having to scroll. The glossy display has excellent horizontal viewing angles; we could see the screen clearly from nearly 90 degrees to either side, though tilting the screen forward resulted in a rather quick image reversal.

Along the front edge of the system is a black speaker grille that hides Altec Lansing stereo speakers; they provide better sound than we are used to from netbooks. While listening to Oasis Live Forever, sound was on the tinny side, but we heard much more bass than is typical of systems this size. Still, they were adequately loud; we could hear them from a few feet away without straining.
There�s no surprises when it comes to the port selection on the Mini 311. On the left side is a USB and HDMI port; on the right is Ethernet, VGA, two USB, headphones, and a 3-in-1 memory card reader.

The 11.6-inch wide-screen LED display is one of the Mini 311's highlights, with a 1,366x768 native resolution. We've seen this on a handful of other Netbooks, from the Sony Vaio W to the Asus Eee PC 1101. It's still very readable, and provides enough screen real estate that going back to a lower-resolution Netbook display feels positively claustrophobic in comparison. While the screen was glossy, we were actually more distracted by the even glossier black plastic screen bezel. (Cheap MB771 10.8V,6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for APPLE A1280)

At tasks which are not graphics-intensive, the Intel Atom N280 CPU performed as expected, roughly matching other Netbooks. As always, we consider Atom-powered systems to be fine for basic tasks such as Web surfing, e-mail, and office tasks, and even basic Photoshop work--as long as your expectations are kept realistic.

When is a netbook not a netbook? PC makers have been looking to expand the definition of these systems by outfitting them with larger screens and bigger batteries, but one constant has remained: a low-powered processor that limits their use to surfing the Web, checking e-mail, editing documents, and watching standard-def video. Then along comes Nvidia�s Ion, a graphics processor that will allow netbook users to go from merely consuming media to creating it. The HP Mini 311 is the first Ion-based netbook to hit the U.S. market, and we are impressed by its ability to deliver high-def video playback, better gameplay, and faster video editing. Even better, you get the long endurance we are come to expect from this category.

Putting the Nvidia Ion to the test, we did the unthinkable, loading up a handful of full-fledged PC games on a Netbook. Most Netbooks can barely handle casual games such as Plants vs. Zombies, to say nothing of full 3D graphics. Despite the hype, this is definitely not going to be your main PC gaming rig, but Unreal Tournament still managed to get 23.2 frames per second at 800x600, which is borderline acceptable. Tweaking the settings could likely squeeze a little more out of that game. We also installed Call of Duty 4, and during a particularly intensive firefight sequence, we ran into some stuttering at the same 800x600 resolution, but overall found it to be fairly playable. (Cheap FPCBP205AP 10.8V,6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for FUJITSU FPCBP206AP)

The major triumph for Netbooks is still to be useful all-around devices, and as the Nvidia Ion shares much of its DNA with the GeForce 9400 graphics found in the 13-inch MacBook (which is excellent for an integrated graphics solution), the real bottleneck to achieving this goal is the 1GB of RAM and the single-core Atom CPU. We'd be very interested in seeing how the same gaming tests run under Windows 7 with double the RAM.

We also fully expect to see road warriors hacking away at World of Warcraft on the HP Mini 311 at airport departure gates and in coffee shops. In fact, HP should just paint a giant WoW logo on the back of this thing portable Warcraft machine.

Video playback was excellent, and our test 720p WMV file ran flawlessly--something no other Netbook has been able to do. Web-based video is a bit of a different story, but an updated version of Flash (reportedly available in November) will let streaming Web video take advantage of the GPU. For right now, Hulu on-demand content ran decently as-is, but not radically better than other Netbooks. (Cheap FPCBP199 14.4V,8 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for FUJITSU FPCBP200AP)

Since writing the original story, I've now had the chance to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on the machine for a few minutes and I must say that it runs considerably faster at 1024 by 768 than initial runs on early Ion testbeds. In short: I can't wait to really get my hands on this machine for proper testing.

Lenovo has teased us with the knowledge that its IdeaPad S12 will eventually hit the market as one of the first netbooks boasting nVidia Ion support. HP's Mini 311-1000NR is another such netbook, and it's coming soon. For those that missed the reams of stories I've already written about the Ion platform, here's the short version: For netbooks or nettops, it marries an Intel Atom CPU (in this case the N270) with a GeForce 9400M GPU. This allows for more powerful, affordable machines capable of outputting 720p video and even playing some games. (Cheap FPCBP179AP 10.8V,6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for FUJITSU FPCBP177)

Also fueling this machine is 1GB of RAM and a 160GB 5400RPM hard drive. In other words: Aside from the GPU, the 311 has standard-issue netbook guts. Unfortunately, I can't yet tell you exactly how much extra juice that GeForce 9400M buys you. Besides the obvious problem that we haven't had a chance to run WorldBench 6 on a machine just yet, I haven't had much of a chance to kick the tires. I was shown the machine at a line show where I had a few minutes of hands-on time, and that's it. Sadly, there were no games installed on the demo unit--which seems a little crazy to me. After all, gaming on a netbook is one of the big bullet-point promises of the platform.

Personally, I can't wait for a final product if only to see how an Ion netbook will fare against AMD's tweener-class Neo CPU that came on board the category-defying HP Pavilion dv2 (which scored a 45 in WorldBench 6). What I can say for the time being, though, is that basic computing tasks look good on the sweet-looking screen.

Yep, like Acer's Aspire One 751h, the 311 takes netbooks to the relatively "big" size of 11.6 inches. The LED BrightView display, at 1366 by 768 pixels (a 16:9 aspect ratio), looks pretty sharp in initial glances; however, since the whole demo day was on HP's terms, we didn't really get to throw tests at it. (Cheap HSTNN-LB0C 10.8V,11.1V,6 cell 3 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for HP HSTNN-CB0C)

One thing that is easy to see: HP's take on the platform is fairly stylish. That doesn't come as too much of a shock considering that the Mini sports curved lines and interesting patterns on a glossy finish. In this case, the 311 comes with a white or black swirled lid that'll hypnotize you.

The keyboard seems reminiscent of what's been done with the dv2, just shrunken down a little bit. HP spokespeople say that the 311's keyboard is 92 percent of full size. You know, if they let the keys drip closer to the sides of the machine, that might have allowed buttons of 93 or even 94 percent of full size. And I wouldn't complain.

The touchpad and button placement along the bottom toes the line--a world better than previous Mini models that would stupidly drop the left and right buttons in flanking position on either side of the touch area.

The I/O ports lining the box are also in line with what we expect from most netbooks: 3 USB ports, a 10/100 ethernet jack, VGA out, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, and a Webcam. Some slight tweaks that I approve of: A headphone out/microphone combo jack (compatible with 4-conductor headsets you use in some cell phones), HDMI-out (obviously taking advantage of the GPU), and a 5-in-1 flash card reader that can handle SD/MMC, Memory Stick/Pro and xD picture cards (most netbooks handle only SD/MMC cards. Overall, it's nice how HP manages to jam all this into a 3.22-pound, 11.4-by-8-by-1.2-inch package. (Cheap FPCBP208AP 10.8V,9 cell 6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for FUJITSU FPCBP207AP)

The new model goes up against fellow Ion-powered netbooks such as the 12.1-inch Lenovo IdeaPad S12, and Samsung's 11.6-inch N510. Nvidia says many more will follow. The Samsung is set to retail at around ���¯���¿���¡379-399 though it seems the model will have a faster Atom chip than the HP.

The HP system we saw had a 1.6GHz Atom N270 as well as 3GB of memory, though expect that to vary on its full UK release. The version we've photographed here has Compaq branding, though there's also a pic of the HP variant at the bottom of this piece. Various versions will be available, and expect to see it when Windows 7 launches.(ACER Li-ion battery UM09E36,Rating 11.1V 5600mAh 63Wh)

An Nvidia representative said the six-cell battery has about six hours of battery life, though we'll reserve judgement on that one. As well as being able to watch 1080p HD video it can also make a passable attempt at gaming. We saw Call of Duty 4 being played (with reduced detail) on the netbook, as well as HD footage (the Star Trek trailer) being played through the netbook yet displayed on an attached plasma screen via HDMI.

Ion provides 24-bit 8-channel LPCM uncompressed audio through the HDMI connector. There's a VGA connector for output to older monitors and three USB ports are also provided.

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